Wednesday, 24 March 2010

More Hack Updates for Desktop Defender

Edit: Oh, haha, instant kill is still working:
24 00 0d 09 00 00 > 24 00 0d 00 00 00
:D Just made the scan less specific, it only returns one result though.

Edit2: Never mind, both are working.
d1 90 4f > d1 02 4f
works for the "gain money when building" AoB.

How did you find the AoBs exactly? I would have posted some of my own, but I can't even download the swf, I couldn't find the link through firefox's page info thing, or the page source :|

Also, any way to make swarm towers attack ground creeps? That'd be funny :D

Highest score I got was 24396.


  1. Uhm, what game is this? I don't even.…

    I am oldschool. Final Fantasy and Secret of Mana. Give me a chrono trigger, and I will be happy

  2. haha, Jmejia, I think that's something different here ;)